Tech Update, July 2018: New Detailed Reports

Great news! We have released a new update with improved reports and some functional extensions.

How to promote Cryptocurrency in the era of Ad restrictions. Pt. 2

We continue to tell you about marketing for crypto projects. Our focus is on alternative ways to promote your crypto project, which can be very useful after facebook and google banned crypto ads.

Part 1: “How to promote Cryptocurrency in the era of Ad restrictions. Pt. 1”


YouTube is a huge traffic source from where you can drive a great number of potential clients to your offers. Millions of users are visiting it every day to find some information or just enjoy their time. What you should realize is that all these people have one feature in common: they consume video content. So, you have to create a high-quality video to pass the message across to your viewers. And, don’t forget to include a link to the offer in the video description.

How to promote Cryptocurrency in the era of Ad restrictions. Pt. 1

Is there life after Facebook and Google banned cryptocurrency offers?
How to promote cryptocurrency ads after Facebook and Google banned them?

Biggico starts a series of publications about crypto marketing.

In the recent time, the marketers working in blockchain startups have been faced with the challenges while promoting cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, and binary options.

CRAC 2018 recap + BONUS

23-24 of April we participated in Crypto Affiliate and  Marketing  Conference, which took place in a beautiful Prague.

Biggico is a Gold Sponsor at Crypto Affiliate Conference in Prague!

We are happy to announce that we now have a Gold Sponsor status at Crypto Affiliate Conference 2018. CRAC2018 will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, 23-24 of April!

Biggico at MAC’18

We participated as a Gold Partner at the most significant Affiliate event in CIS – Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018.

MAC’18 took place on 29 March in Moscow, more than 2500 attendees and 100+ of exhibitors. We had a lot of meetings and new partners; we also met a lot of our old friends there!

As a Crypto Affiliate network, we had an excellent opportunity to show our product to its primary audience: publishers, affiliates, and marketers. Considering that we met all of them in one place, for us conference has been very resultative.

How may Revenue Share model work for ICO marketing?

Marketing budgets overheated, especially if we are talking about the ICO marketing and crypto projects. 1 BTC for an article sounds too expensive, isn’t it? I bet it’s not and you’ve seen prices that are much higher.