How may Revenue Share model work for ICO marketing?

Marketing budgets overheated, especially if we are talking about the ICO marketing and crypto projects. 1 BTC for an article sounds too expensive, isn’t it? I bet it’s not and you’ve seen prices that are much higher.

How many leads can you get with such article or ad? How many articles do you need to promote your ICO? You never know in advance.

Here comes a revenue share model — dramatically different from everything you have tried before: you pay only for the result, the affiliate could show your ad endlessly, but he gets his payment just after ad leads into investment.

What Biggico is offering for ICO:

  • Zero budget to start
  • Hi-quality crypto-themed traffic. Tell about to those who are interested in investing and spending cryptocurrency
  • Fraud protection. All transactions are based on Blockchain technology
  • Transactions clarity, provided by most cryptocurrencies
  • Revenue share model —  pay for ads only after you get investments.

What is the deal with Revenue Share?

The first, and probably the most important thing: you don’t have to pay for advertising until you get a result you need. By result, we mean an investment, a real transaction that comes from customer to you.

The second one: You have to decide how much are you ready to pay for this result? Usually, a share is between 10-20% per investment for ICO and up to 60% for other crypto-projects. Remember: the more you give, the more you get, by increasing your offer percent, you also increase your chance that affiliates will take it.

And the last, but not the least: it’s really easy to start.

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