Great Day for Biggico Team — We Got HTP Residency!

With the rise of IT technologies in Belarus, Biggico seems to be leading the way for blockchain based crypto startups. It occupies a lucrative market niche – affiliate marketing, and specifically promotes crypto products that experience such an uplifting trend. HTP in Minsk provides fertile ground for such startups as Biggico, with its creative atmosphere encouraging developers and stimulating flow of new ideas.

High-Tech Park in Minsk

The main benefit of the HTP is that it is governmentally initiated, which means full endorsement of financial and juridical structures and favorable legislation. As of March 2018, not only are cryptocurrencies completely legalized in Belarus – their implementation and development are actually encouraged. All crypto startups were granted a tax exeption and were given a unique opportunity to join this fresh unique IT ecosystem of High-Tech Park – a concessional group of the most promising companies working as a united front of digital economy.

Basically, what this membership presents Biggico with is multisided assistance, highly conducive business environment, close contact with numerous prominent enterprises and much room for growth. We expect to increase our turnover manyfold, improve the terms of service we offer to our clients and take full advantage of a new peer network we have joined. Bigger returns, easier transactions, quicker platform and friendlier interface – this is what HTP holds in store for us and this is what guarantees our customers maximum efficiency.

Contribution of Biggico

Our project is a true helping hand in the hectic world of crypto marketing. What Biggico does is respond to both main calls of digital economy: facilitating the development of existing giants and encouraging newcomers to find their ground. Firstly, we run promotion campaigns for well-known brands to help them find the best marketing ways and define their edge over competitors that attracts loyal audience.

Secondly, Biggico team thoroughly researches the field to catch the top-notch budding products and collaborates with established partner publishers to promote them. This mechanism reflects the latest ongoing trend of the industry: it is increasingly hard to divide crypto startups into truly promising and shallow moneymaking ones, and advisors with professional expertise are on high demand.

Summing it up, HTP lets us work harder to be the best, while we give the HTP the creative impulse and professionalism it needs so much. Check out the improvements we are working on and the newest offers that we, heavy forwards of crypto, prepared for you.