How to promote Cryptocurrency in the era of Ad restrictions. Pt. 2

We continue to tell you about marketing for crypto projects. Our focus is on alternative ways to promote your crypto project, which can be very useful after facebook and google banned crypto ads.

Part 1: “How to promote Cryptocurrency in the era of Ad restrictions. Pt. 1”


YouTube is a huge traffic source from where you can drive a great number of potential clients to your offers. Millions of users are visiting it every day to find some information or just enjoy their time. What you should realize is that all these people have one feature in common: they consume video content. So, you have to create a high-quality video to pass the message across to your viewers. And, don’t forget to include a link to the offer in the video description.


Blogging has continued to be one of the most reliable ways to drive traffic to any online business where a good traffic is of the essence. To take full advantage of your blog as a reliable tool for driving traffic, you have to know some blog-promoting techniques that you can use to target the right audience. If you can get to the right people, you will be amazed at the traffic you will get. You can get SEO experts to optimize your blog for Google rating for search engines. If your blog is highly rated, it will be easier for you to reach your potential investors.

Power of Crypto Affiliate Network

Handing over your digital activities to the affiliates and crypto affiliate networks will help you drive high-quality leads to your offer. The benefit of such a tandem starts right away when you partner with the network: your offers are promoted to a vast audience, and you pay to your affiliates only for a specific action, e.g. investment or registration.

So, you don’t need to be the experts in promoting cryptocurrency offers, as with the crypto affiliate network you already have these professionals, willing to drive the investments to your project. Just check out the opportunities a great network could provide you with.

In the end, there is the life after Facebook and Google banned cryptocurrency ads. All you need to do is to combine some of the tips, and your conversion rate will increase as more people will become aware of your crypto offers. Anyway, you can always rely on your dedicated crypto affiliate network team. Biggico is here for you and we are always ready to talk 🙂