Tech Update, July 2018: New Detailed Reports

Great news! We have released a new update with improved reports and some functional extensions.

First of all: now you can name your links. For example, you have generated 5 links for different channels of promotion within one offer. The first one you have named “Facebook Forex Promotion”, the second one – “Emails Forex”, etc. These names will help you to find the correct link in a report.

You can name all your links and create these names especially for yourself to make your workflow more comfortable.

All our reports were remade. Now you can find a lot of useful information there. Also, there is a graph which shows the results of your work. You can customize dates of displayed information. Clicks, conversions, and transactions are reflected. All this information can be found under the graph in numbers.

You can filter data by particular offer or link to get deeply detailed stats.

Also, there is a list of your links under the graph. If you place a cursor on the URL, you will see a popup with the name which you have set for this link.

Technology part of our reports will help you to get information about clicks, conversions, and transactions per type of device (Desktop, mobile, etc) and operational system (Windows, Mac, etc).

GEO part of reports will show you from where your clicks have come. You can easily filter out this data by offer or by a link.

Clicks. Here you can find detailed stats about all clicks that you have attracted through your traffic. Data can be filtered by offer or link. Date, Uid, Offer, IP, Browser, and even more info can be found here!

And Conversions. Here you can find all information about conversions. You can easily filter data by offer/link. Also, you can turn “Show only transaction” to get information only about transactions.

The last but not the least: You can get all stats by SUB parameters in “Traffic” part of the report. Just press on the link and you will see all SUB information if these parameters were set.

More updates are coming soon, stay tuned!