Tech Update, August 2018: New Detailed Reports For Advertisers + Bonus!

New update! We have released improved reports for advertisers!

1. Traffic section.

Here advertisers can see a graph with Clicks, Conversions, and Transactions. Below the graph, there are all data in numbers. Scroll a little bit down and find stats for different landing pages within your offer.


2. Technology section.

Here you can find stats about Devices and OSes. Also, you can filter all data by offer and dates.

3. GEO section.

Find out from where traffic comes to your offer with this amazing map. There are a numeric data for every country below the map. And yes, you can filter data by offer and date.

4. Clicks section.

It is a page with detailed stats about all clicks. Date of click, Uid, Offer, IP, Browser info, from where the click has come, type of device and OS – all this information can be found there. Also, there is a button on the bottom of the page which can switch the number of displayed clicks per one page of the report. All data can be filtered by offer and date.

5. Conversions section.

All detailed stats about conversions can be found here. Date, Offer, Type, Status, Currency, and even more! “Show only transactions” checkbox is available. It serves to display transactions only. The button which helps to choose the number of displayed conversions is available for this section too. And, as always you can filter all data by offer and date.

We are always on the move and do our best to improve the quality of our platform.

Bonus: take a look at the article on Affbank where Eugene Labun, Head of Sales and Accounting at Biggico tells about all secrets of unpredictable crypto affiliate business.

Stay tuned!