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$10 CPL

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Every week



Available countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, New Zeland, Australia, Germany, Switzerland.
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CPL 10$.
CPL Goal: Registration + Phone Verification (Call).
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

Alter Capital creates reliable investment products that facilitate access to this fast-growing asset class, and provide a springboard for investment in a new digital currency type. We invite you to become our investor and earn a stable future!

Platform benefits:

  • A team of investment professionals and analysts at Alter Capital picked out the list of highest profiting digital assets, which show profit trends higher than any other one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies at a given period.
  • Via monthly diversification, we not only increase profit ratio of a portfolio by a minimum of 40% but also decrease the chances of its drawdown till 15% maximum.
  • Our fund has also developed an algorithm using machine learning, enabling investors to avoid portfolio drawbacks due to the market volatility.

Why Alter Capital?
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What is Alter Capital?
Many individual investors do not understand, how the industry works, how to manage digital assets. They do not know whether it is worth investing in bitcoin or whether it is better to create a crypto-currency portfolio. In addition, they are very interested in the legality of operations and the safety of funds. Professionals of this market (portfolio managers and traders) are often not sufficiently open to potential investors. At the same time, it is important for individual investors with limited market knowledge not to miss the opportunity to have access to undervalued digital assets.

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