El programa global de 17% RevShare Cryptouniverse es una minería en la nube para todos tus necesidades. ¡Disfruta del flujo de clientes a este servicio maravilloso de fiat y cripto!


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12% Revenue share

Payout frequency:




Reward to our affiliates: Revenue share 17%.
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.


Cryptouniverse was founded in spring 2017. During that period the company founders decided to put a team of the best crypto experts, IT-specialists and engineers together. This team is the driving force of Cryptouniverse. We are all different but united by the common goal – to create a powerful tech center and turn cloud mining into an accessible business opportunity for anyone interested.

Our unique service features:

  • We have everything you need for mining. Just choose your rate and gain profit every day. We start mining for you right after the payment has been made.
  • Even the minimal investment will bring profits. Moreover, you will be able to reinvest your profits to increase the hashrate, which in turn will boost your income.
  • Your Personal account will provide you with detailed statistics of operations, balance information, analytics, forecasts and all necessary settings. No unnecessary buttons: an intuitive interface will help you manage your account in no time.
  • The website is well-protected from all types of DDoS attacks. We use GlobalSign's SSL certificate for secure connection. Two-factor authentication provides additional protection of your data.
  • There is no need to wait: we provide daily payouts, just fill in a request in your Personal account to receive them.
  • We undertake to perform our obligations under the online agreement (hardware setup and maintenance). Your contract is insured by the property of the company.
  • Custom-made software and industrial ventilation system guarantee stable power and trouble-free operation of the hardware. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, your contract will be automatically switched to our backup facilities. We guarantee 24/7 uninterrupted operation.
  • You can join a live webcast and see your miner working at any time.
  • There is no need to wrestle with rig assembly and hot, noisy miners at home. We take care of hardware installation, repair and maintenance and charge only a small fee for that.

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