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*Restricted countries: USA, China.
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Stop Date: 30 June 2019.
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

DéMars is a Fintech Startup, building blockchain based payments networks, for mobile phone micro remittances and mobile app payments. It’s patented technology is designed for emerging markets and is set to disrupt credit card and USSD mobile payments.

Why DéMars Is The Solution:

  • It’s free and easy to access as the software is open source
  • It can run on any android smartphone
  • It is fast - capable of validating transactions in less than a second
  • It’s secure, as we use cryptographic sortition as the “consensus”
  • There is no central point of failure
  • The transaction ledger is maintained by the phones on the network

Why DéMars?
Main page - demars.io
White paper - PDF File


Our focus is on reducing the amount of data being transferred within the network whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of cryptographic security. This will solve a number of the speed and scalability issues associated with decentralized networks.

The infrastructure is perfect for mobile phone executed micro-currency exchanges and merchant payments. By adding "smart contract" functionality on a local classifieds network, the technology may be extended to all informal trades in goods and services in addition to micro-lending, savings and insurance contracts.

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