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*Restricted countries: USA, China.
Reward to our affiliates: Revenue share 30%.
Stop Date: 30 June 2019.
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

DéMars is a structured, peer-to-peer distributed computer network. It is a Byzantine fault-tolerant blockchain which uses network segments to reduce the storage and network transfer costs, thereby enabling it to execute on mobile nodes.

Why DéMars Is The Solution:

  • Funds are held securely in a wallet on the user's mobile phone, eliminating the need for a bank account.
  • Our network can process thousands of transactions per second with a secure, decentralized validation system, as it runs on mobile phone nodes.
  • A small fixed fee of 1 DM Cent is charged for transactions, to protect the network against spammers.
  • Trade within the local community by placing an advert on a smart contract to exchange cash, goods or services online or offline.
  • Exchange cash, goods or services on a peer-to-peer basis with geo locations and algorithmic trust scores.
  • Our App requires close to zero battery energy and bandwidth to operate and process transactions.

Why DéMars?
Main page - demars.io
White paper - PDF File

What is DéMars?
Our focus is on reducing the amount of data being transferred within the network whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of cryptographic security. This will solve a number of the speed and scalability issues associated with decentralized networks.

The infrastructure is perfect for mobile phone executed micro-currency exchanges and merchant payments. By adding "smart contract" functionality on a local classifieds network, the technology may be extended to all informal trades in goods and services in addition to micro-lending, savings and insurance contracts.

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