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15$ CPA

Частота выплат:

Every 2 weeks



Allowed GEO's: Worldwide.
Reward to our affiliates: CPA $15.
CPA Goal: Registration + Subscription (0.006BTC). - this project is designed to help earn money.
We have developed an arbitration table that displays in real time the difference in the rates of crypto-currencies on various exchanges.
Our service provides the prices of the same coins on various exchanges, for purchase on one exchange, at a low price, transfer to another and sale at a higher price.
The average profit margin for such an operation is 2-5%
In a month it is possible to earn 50-200% (depends on the volume of trading and trading strategy)

Advantages of our project:
- Processing of data from 10 exchanges (1200 Crypto currency)
- Display of crypto currency only with an open purse
- Display of daily volumes for each crypto currency
- Ability to adjust the daily trading volume
- Ability to sort and filter data
- List of profitable translations only for fast crypto currency

Using our table you can:
1. To earn on a difference of courses криптовалют
2. Find the most profitable way to transfer funds from one exchange to another
3. Find the most profitable course for buying or selling crypto currency.

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