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$500 CPA

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Restrictions: Incent and co-registration traffic.
Reward to our affiliates: CPA up to $500.

User flow: Customer comes to funnel > registers himself > broker calls him to start trading > he deposits at least $250 > CPA conversion appears
Best converting traffic types are: FB, Google, Native, SMS, Push notifications

Advantages to affiliates:

  • Guaranteed CPA.
  • Payments every week.
  • Highest conversion to sale.
  • Instant payouts.
  • Strong community of webmasters.
  • Fully anonymous network.


Language GEOs CPA in USD
DK Denmark 500
SE Sweden 500
FI Finland 500
NO Norway 500
EN UK, IE, NZ, SG, MY, HK, ZA, AU 400
DE Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg 400
NL Netherlands 400
AR Qatar, Baharain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman 400
KO Korea 400
Ja Japan 400
IT Italy, Switzerland 400
ES Spain 300
ES (LATAM) only GEOs accepted: AR, BO, CL, CR, DO, EC, MX, PA, PE 225
RU Russia 225
PL Poland 225

What is Bitcoin Profit?
Bitcoin Profit was created by John Mayers, lead developer and CEO of the Bitcoin Profit company, for the purposes of trading the cryptocurrency markets.

Nowadays, the word cryptocurrency is associated with fortune and wealth. That is why systems like the BTC Profit NOW, a.k.a Bitcoin Profit, rely on associated terms in the names to help promote themselves on the trading scene. This one was created by a man called John Mayers and his team.

It is very hard to stand out from the competition in the field because there are already dozens of systems that have been proven to work and are preferred as investment solutions. The newcomers have a hard time gaining clients. They have to offer something new and unique in order to attract users.

The system has a lot of beneficial characteristics you will find useful and helpful in your investment endeavors. 

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