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$500 CPA

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Allowed countries: Only United Kingdom.
Reward to our affiliates: CPA - $500 (The trader should buy the online courses.).
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

Our aim is to teach you trading techniques that really work and guide you, step by step, from your very first deal. Throughout the program, we will support and assist you with any question you might have so that you feel entirely confident to start trading and make money. We will conduct online conference calls to answer any question. You will also have a dedicated Facebook group where our traders and professional team will be available to you.

Why is our training program the best you can get?

  • Available to you any time, anywhere, our training program is completely online, with pre-recorded classes, live classes and other content, which will enable you to hone your abilities indefinitely.
  • A traders’ community – a cohesive unit of people with one goal in mind: Becoming financially independent. The community’s members help and support each other, through team spirit that drives motivation and success.
  • The training program is nine months long. The novice trader makes his/her first steps while surrounded by professional support, which guides and safeguards them.
  • Our state-of-the-art online trading room is operated by Gold Investment Management Ltd. investment house, a licensed, regulated investment consultancy, and portfolio manager, in collaboration with BIG-SHOT. Our trading room is open and live 28 hours a week (Monday through Thursday, 3 pm-10 pm CET). Each day, we will discuss the right and most interesting stock picks.
  • In fact, our trading room continues the learning process, enabling you to experience live trading and offering hands-on practice. This vital combination creates the optimal success formula.

What is Big Shot?

About Big Shot: 
Our ultimate goal is to build a community of professional traders, who will take control of their lives through trading. They will achieve financial stability and full freedom in every area of their lives. We seek to have each of our graduates significantly improve his/her lifestyle in a short period of time.

Join the thousands of traders who have begun their journey into trading from home, creating additional income on the stock market. Most of our students still work full time when they first begin to trade. They trade only 2-3 hours a day on their spare time.

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