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33% Revenue share

Частота выплат:

Every week



ICObench Rating: 4.6
*Restricted countries: USA, China.
Reward to our affiliates: Revenue share 33%.
Stop Date: 29 December 2018.
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

IGT-CRYPTO – is a crypto-exchange from the IGT Company, which unites professionals who came to the field of blockchain from classical financial markets. Programmers together with successful financiers have created a platform that combines advanced technological solutions, high level of security and transactions speed.

What will you get from buying IGT coin :

  • Becoming the IGT Coin holder, you become a member of the IGT Company’s community, which gives you the right to participate in decision-making on platform development participation in loyalty programs and the right to be among first to gain access to IGT_Wallet and IGT_Debit Card.
  • 25% of the income of the IGT-CRYPTO exchange will be transferred to the IGT Fund and distributed among all the token holders. The growth of the exchange’s trading volumes will mean the growth of payments to members of the community, and also lead to an increase in the capitalization of IGT Coin.
  • All contributions to the fund will be added to the blockchain, which will provide transparency of information about the state of the fund,
    will guarantee timely payments, will ensure equality of earning revenues by token holders.
  • The IGT team has developed the possibility of listing new coins, which increases the trading volume which in its turn contributes to the growth of income of the holder of IGT Coin

Why IGT-Crypto?
Main page - igt-crypto.io
White paper - PDF File

What is IGT-Crypto?
Our team created the IGT-CRYPTO exchange in order to develop the best service for trading cryptocurrencies. At present, it supports 4 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum. In total, 14 pairs are already available for trade, including 4 cryptocurrencies and two fiat currencies (USD and EUR).

To ensure an adequate level of liquidity, the modules - «liquidity aggregators» were developed on the IGT platform, which allow to maintain and provide the proper volume of trading instruments presented on the Platform. We have created a hybrid model of data transferring, processing and storage that involves processing of the data on several levels to ensure maximum speed and security.

Primary processing is carried out by means of a centralized system - that is, at facilities that ensure the uninterrupted stable functioning of the Exchange, and then - the information is sent to our private server for backup. Also, as an additional protection, in the future, cloud storage and the method of data storage in a distributed ledger with the help of blockchain technology will be used on the Platform.

Backup applies to all data categories. Safety of our users’ money is guaranteed by the method of storing it on cold wallets.

In matters of decentralization and centralization, we use a modern technological combined system. For example, the storage of personal user data is feasible within a centralized system and there is no sense in uploading all the data to the blockchain, thereby creating an unnecessary load on the network at the cost of reducing the processing speed. It will be enough to enter the results of transactions in the form of hash codes into the blockchain.

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