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$10 CPL + $125 CPA + 10% RS

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*Allowed countries: Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia.
Reward to our affiliates:
CPL - $10 (10% of your registered users should make an FTD. Otherwise — no CPL payment for your leads).
CPA - $125 (CPA goal is $250 FTD).
Revenue share - 10% (From every up-sale of your users).
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

Neotrade is the world’s first trading software fully based on neural network technology. Neotrade gives you the unique opportunity to create a stable income without basic knowledge about trading itself. Due to machine learning processes, it takes less than a minute to predict each and every market change.

Neotrade benefits:

  • First neural network trader, which is completely based on an absolutely new method to predict and process the most truthful information with 97% of accuracy for your future trades.
  • Full privacy. Only fully-verified members can get their access to our encrypted network.
  • Gain up to 65% profit on monthly bases.
  • Besides regular assets, Neotrade gives you an opportunity to gain profit from the crypto market.

What is Neotrade?

About Neotrade: 
You might have heard something about the neural network and the way it simplifies our lives. In 1997 machine, based on neural network defeated world chess champion, Garry Kasparov. It was the breaking point when machines overcame human being. Take a moment and think of how the technologies have developed and improved in 21 years. Even though the financial market's scope is tremendous for the most experienced trader it remains quite simple for the neural network to make money out of it.

We got through and analyzed a large number of different trading software and trading bots that exist today on the market. We came to the conclusion that none of them can guarantee people passive stable income. With no hesitations, we designed revolutionary fully automated software which is based on neural network principle. Instead of regular analysis, the system indicates high and low points of the market in order to bring the highest return on investment. Additionally, the greatest advantage of the software is that it stores and analyzes all the market movements for past 11 years and closes the winning position for you in 5 seconds with the accuracy of up to 97%, which no human being can do.

With no hesitations, Neotrade is the most advanced trading software so far. Our team works hard in order to keep Neotrade TOP 1 trading product on the market.

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