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Rewards for our affiliates: 43% deposit share up to 0.5 ETH.
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

is social commission free betting platform. ScorumBet unites bettors from all over the world and allows them to set odds themselves. Users bet against a real opponent — not a bookmaker's mathematical algorithm. There is no commission at ScorumBet which allows punters to get the best odds in the market.

Why ScorumBet?

  • 0% commission.
  • Bettors own their funds.
  • Transparent gameplay.
  • No KYC.
  • High-volume capability.
  • Live betting.
  • Worldwide betting community.

What Is ScorumBet?
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ScorumBet uses the Scorum blockchain based on the Graphene technology. All transactions are free in Scorum’s blockchain, which makes commission-free betting possible. Scorum Blockchain is 1000+ times quicker than Bitcoin and Ethereum which enables live bets and fast payouts. Scorum offers not only a betting platform, but also additional sports services: blogging platform, fantasy sports platform and stats center.

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