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Rewards for our affiliates: 43% deposit share up to 0.5 ETH.
All traffic types allowed except incent and co-registration traffic.

Scorum Blog
is sports-optimized blogging platform that rewards active users.  Blogging platform actively interacts with another product by Scorum — betting platform. Community members get paid for publishing articles and tips, voting and commenting and spend earned rewards to bet on sports. Buying cryptocurrency of the project (Scorum Coins) on Scorum Blog, user also immediately gets them on his ScorumBet account.

Why Scorum Blog?

  • Gambling advertising income regardless of geographical jurisdiction.
  • Worldwide sports and betting community on 19 local domains.
  • 57 000 posts, 204 000 comments and 1 300 000 SCR total payout.
  • Various ways to earn within the sports industry.

What Is Scorum?
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Betting platform - 
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Scorum offers not only a blogging platform, but also additional sports services: commission-free betting exchange, fantasy sports platform, and stats center. World famous athletes and fan-clubs that support project also run own blogs on Scorum Blog. Scorum has created a completely transparent reward and economic structure. All users will be able to access the transaction history of the blockchain and the community oversight as a whole will ensure that rewards are distributed fairly according to the blockchain framework.

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